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Communication Competence 

Learners will become effective communicators in their discipline. 

This means you will know how to effectively communicate.  

  1. I will learn to communicate better. 

  2. I will know how to communicate effectively.  

Cultural Competence 

Learners will recognize and adapt to various cultures, ideas, and practices within their discipline. 

This means someone will learn more about other cultures and get a better understanding of them.  

  1. I will learn more about other cultures. 

  2. I will recognize all the cultural differences.  

Creative Problem Solving 

Learners will apply appropriate techniques to solving problems within their discipline.  

This means you will know how to solve problems with the right techniques.  

  1. I will know how to solve problems correctly. 

  2. I will learn all the correct techniques for solving problems. 

Information and Media Literacy 

Learners will demonstrate the ability to know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively and responsibly use and share that information for the problem at hand. 

This means you will be able to know where information should go and what information should be included. 

  1. I will know how to identify, locate, evaluate, effectively, and responsibly use information.  

  2. I will learn how to know where there is a need for information. 

Understanding the Arts and the Human Experience 

Learners will demonstrate an understanding of arts and humanities in historical and cultural contexts. 

This means you will understand topics in both historical and cultural contexts. 

  1. I will learn information from arts and humanities in both historical and cultural contexts. 

  2. I will know how to gather the right information for each context.  

Social Scientific Literacy 

Learners will demonstrate an understanding of social science methodologies to explain the consequences of human actions. 

This means you will learn about social science methodologies to be able to convey the consequences of human actions.  

  1. I will learn about social science methodologies. 

  2. I will know how to use the information I learned about social science methodologies against the consequences of the actions.  

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