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My Goals

Short-Term Goals 

  • I will spend at least one hour a day studying for my high school and college classes in Fall 2018. 

  • I will have A's in all my classes in Spring 2018.

  • I will have a job by Spring 2019.

  • I will finish my freshman year off strong with great end of grade testing score, which ranges from a 75 to 100.

  • I will graduate with an associate of science by Spring 2021.

  • I will have all A's and B's in my college and high school classes when Spring 2021 comes.


Long-Term Goals ​​

  • I will attend Clemson University working towards a nursing degree in Fall 2021.

  • I will move to Charlotte or a more populated area by 2026

  • I will buy my own house by 2028

  • I will start a family by the year of 2030. 

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